Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Shepherd and a Gipsy.

We are granted life with a degree of freedom as to what to do with it. Accordingly, each one of us is free to choose the path he/she wishes to take for his journey. Now, what if you are walking along one of the trails of life and you come across a place, where you feel your happiness is there and you don’t need to carry on the road you intended to take. Some of us will definitely stay without a second thought, whereas others will look at it and move their souls ahead looking back wishing they could forget their commitments and duties. As a matter of fact, that is what life is all about: choices! I would say even more: the ability to dare to choose
Sitting under an olive tree,
Watching  his flock feeding.
Took out his flute
and started his tune.
“Who’s that beautiful girl?
Are you my fantasy?
Or some kind of mystery!”
“Ney”, replied she,
“Come and touch my hair
Ghalia is my name.”
Her plaited hair is real
And her brown eyes full of grief.
“What brought you here?
Tell me, you Ghalia!”
“I  walked  the tracks
and  stinging  paths
to take you far away”.
“I have my sheep to herd
Whilst  you’re  light as a bird.
“Look, a wolf is near the flock
I have to climb up the rock”.
“Run, my dear, run
I 'll wait here till you return.

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