Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Journey Of A Soul.

Has anyone of us thought, one day of surprises life can hold for us ? They can be bitter, sour or sweet, yet we never take them into consideration when planning ahead ! A mere coincidence can turn your life upside-down or inside out, depends on the impact of what might happen. Every soul should expect the unexpected, hoping to be something bearable and manageable.
I saw my soul leaving,
And didn’t try to hold it
I knew it was going far away,
How far and how long, yet
I could not tell.
I have survived without
But  nearly lost my mind.
Until the day it came
And said to me in whisper :
« I have nowhere to stay,
I thought I found my mate
With whom we could be one
But here comes the day
When my sweet soul mate
Went back where it belongs . »

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