Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Forbidden Oasis.

Sometimes, in life, one comes across what he believes to be his search.
After a weary long journey, you see an oasis in the middle of the desert and think to yourself:
“There it is, few more steps and I’ll be there. Life has finally rewarded me and gave me the best I deserve”
But as soon as you get there, you realize that the oasis can neither be yours nor can you  set foot
In it to rest  your distressed body and painful mind.  All you have to do is step back and see if you can carry on your journey, having in mind the “forbidden oasis”.

I stepped on daisies
And crushed sweet poppies
To reach the rose.
It was a bush
With a rose crimson red.
Transported by the scent,
Bliss was the touch
Of smooth velvet petals;
As if a silky loving hand
Caressed a  deserted heart
Weary of oblivion and loneliness.           
I outstretched my hand
To reach which I believed to be
The rose of salvation.
A heavenly voice I heard
“don’t approach, you will get hurt,
And am too weak to stand your pain”
“an arsenal of thorns you have
How can you be so weak?”
“Those are my curse
My stem is tough, alright

But I only live a while
Whereas your scar
Will outlive your pain.
I will be gone, dear friend
Before you’ll have the chance
To wash away the stains of blood you have.”