Tuesday, June 1, 2010


This is a story of someone who didn’t choose his destination, but destiny did it for him. While there, he didn’t know for how long or what would be awaiting him.

Standing all alone
On the railway platform,
Heading south, east or north
He does not actually know!
Weary of his long run
Sat on a bench facing the sun
Wondering  which path to take
And what would be his fate!
Then a whisper in the brain
Unexpectedly came:
“jump in the next train,
And you’ll never complain;
It’ll take you to green plains”.
Not knowing what life has in store
He complied without a second thought.
The train was number  eighty two
And to the unknown it flew.
Dazzled by the events
He couldn’t tell the time he spent
Before he reached the promised  land. 
"Here I am, I wonder where!"
“Baths”, says the sign over there!
“That’s  your first destination”,
Said the voice in assertion,
“Yet, by no means the last,
So  go and build on your past”.
Wandering  lonely as a cloud
But feeling somehow proud,
To set foot on his journey paths
In this place called “Baths”.
Standing   on his stage with no fears,
Marveled,  his  audience were all ears.
Among them he noticed with a sigh
A shy  admiring   brown eye...
Was it the end, or else the start?
In fact it was, alas, time to part!
leaving  behind a lifetime precious print
At which no soul could hint.
“And now” said he”, what am I to do? “
The same old voice resumed
“you’ll always be on the go, son
Go,  err in all directions
Till you get hold of the sun.”


  1. Great piece of quest. Quest for the unknown, in no specific direction. It sounds like the story of many people whose destinies lead them to waters unchartered, and yet they may not know where they are going or why? In the end, I think there is finality in many of the things we do, but that finality does take time to take shape. I like the image of the guy waiting in a railway station with a briefcase; you would say he's got to be going somewhere, though you see him 'lonely as cloud'.

    I will be interested in following up on this story, for I am not sure there is much that is arbitrary in what humans do. Good work. Thanks.

  2. Much pain and suffering when we are clueless about destination...
    Good piece, emanating grom the heart!Thank you Leyla
    Reem Bak

  3. Dear Anonymous,
    As a matter of fact, there is a duality in every aspect of life! on the one hand, Man finds himself in situations where he has no choice, and that is what I call destiny, circumstances or opportunity.
    On the other hand, however,there are times when we are masters of our choices. And whatever decision we take, is not arbitrary; I totally agree.
    All things considered, one has to live and see what the "stage director" will decide on the progress of the plot.
    Thank you so much for visiting the blog as well as for your comment.

  4. Dear Reem,
    It's a blessing that one doesn't think about his destiny all day long. we just live and days unveil to us what is in store!
    Thank you for your comment.

  5. It's much of everybody's story. After all, every one of us is going after his dreams, once he reaches them, he unintentionally serves his destiny. We all have our destiny and It’s imperative to follow it, accept it no matter where it leads us. Meanwhile I do believe Destination is a choice ultimately leading to Destiny. Everything happens to us for a reason. It’s in our moments of decision that our destiny is shaped. Great work Leyla! Go on..