Monday, May 31, 2010


Being brought up in an environment where Nizar Kabbani was omnipresent, where his books filled the bookshelves and where all the songs played in the house –or in the car-were signed by him, made of me the “incurable lover”-as a dear friend  described me once-and the everlasting romantic soul that you will discover in this blog.
 I do believe that being perpetually in love is crucial for a happy life; you would tell me, however, that this is a transcendental way of considering life.
Not at all, and that’s why I try to live by this” theory” in my imagination and through writing.

Like a star, high high in the sky,
you fill me with joy and pleasure in the eye.
“Can I come to you?” said I with a sigh,
“there is no way unless you can fly.”
Like the sun , you glitter like gold
and shelter me from the winter cold.
“Gorgeous sun”, begged I and told:
“shed me a beam which I can hold!”
“nay”,said you!” this page you should fold!”
Like the breathtaking full moon,
you took me out of the gloom!
“can I take a shuttle and come to you soon?”
As an answer, you played the same tune.
“Dear girl,” said you, “there will be a day
 when will come to you

the star, the sun and the moon

and then together sing your old, old tunes.”

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Trails of life.

Who has never found himself, in the middle of a journey, in the obligation to choose either a path or another. It goes without saying that none of us knows where each one will lead us to. Nonetheless,you can't stand there for ever. You don't have a clue as which way to go? I, personally, would follow my heart, it never misleads me. This is what life is all about! I see it as an eternal adventure.
So, were you in such a situation, don't panic and go ahead where you heart leads you.